One of the questions that I’m frequently asked is “why are you so adamant and passionate about helping young people see the world.” The answer to that question is simple to me, but sometimes it can be very hard to explain to those who haven’t had the experiences.  The main issue that I see is that in most instances people always see travel and vacation as the same thing.  Therefore, their travel experiences are only limited to the days in which they are off of work.  It also is seen as a luxury or surplus expense that is only limited to the elites of our societies. 

The reality, however, is that people from underprivileged backgrounds can actually benefit the most from these experiences.  The reason for this is that the environment in which you spend the majority of your time is critical to how you view yourself and your chances in life.  Traveling opens your eyes to new opportunities and ways of thinking that you may have never been exposed to had you never left the environment in which you were raised. 

We also are living in a unique time where remote work is beginning to become a viable economic possibility.  Many people are shifting away from traditional office-based jobs and there is an abundance of opportunities for people to earn income from any geographical location.  Additionally, for those who prefer traditional employment, employers are now placing a tremendous emphasis on diversity and inclusion.  Having exposure to different cultures and experiences can help you to become an outstanding leader within your community or place of employment. 

With the explosion of the popularity of Instagram and other forms of social media, we can now see first-hand the abundance of hidden gems that can be found throughout the world.  While it’s certainly amazing to see these dope places and take amazing pics the most significant thing is to build long-lasting relations with the people in those places.  Also being sure to value domestic travel just as much as international travel.  In large countries like the United States simply leaving the state or region in which you grew up can be a major culture shock and ultimately lead to a lot of growth. 

Travel should be viewed as a component of your professional development and as a critical component of your education.  It is my hope that one-day society will make it a priority to ensure all of our citizens regardless of their economic background have the opportunity to travel and expose themselves to better opportunities.  Having these sorts of discussions is certainly a step in the right direction and I look forward to continuing it for years to come. 

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