I walked into the Babies R Us store at Fourways mall with absolutely no idea of which brand I was gonna go with when it came to a breast pump. I had already looked at several options – both manual and electric that I felt were options for what I wanted and what I thought was a necessity. 

Everyone tried to talk me out of getting a breast pump at the end of my pregnancy, but I had made my mind up and after quite a bit of research and lot’s of confusion, I chose the Tommee Tippee breast pump. 


I had previously ordered my child’s bottles, I chose them because a pregnant store clerk at Babies R Us said the Tommee Tippee bottles were the best, and after speaking to a few other mothers – her comment solidified their opinions in my head. 

When did I get the breast pump?

I purchased my breast pump a few days after my child was born, I had dealt with breast engorgement at the hospital – and everyone had told me that a pump wasn’t necessary until baby was a month old but let me tell you – they were wrong.  Engorged breasts are not a pleasant experience at all. My breasts felt as though they had rocks in them and were super hard and sensitive at the same time, and no matter how long baby was feeding for, the just felt too full. The massaging of my engorged breasts was the deciding factor in me choosing to get the pump because I needed a way to relieve my body of the amount of milk that my body was producing. 

What do I like about this breast pump?

  1. The breast pump is portable, and literally fits into my handbag with ease. It also comes with a battery-operated option for when Eskom decides to misbehave. That part has been a life saver because needing to pump when there isn’t any power is a lot for any woman to deal with. 
  2. It’s easy to use – as in it didn’t take me 60 years to figure out how to put it together and get it working. I love products that I can put together without having to read the manual. 
  3. It’s easy to clean and the parts can also be put in the microwave in the sterilizer without anything happening to them (no melting on this side). 
  4. It’s not as loud as I expected it to be, plus the vibrating sound it does make helps put baby to sleep – double win for mom over here! 
  5. It has it’s own mini stand which holds the bottle once you’re done pumping – this prevents spillage.
  6. The price point is affordable for an electric breast pump – I was not willing to part with more than R2000 for a pump, especially when advised with buying more than one. This pump was just below R1500 from Babies R Us and came with a warranty – which in this day and age is important. 
  7. It comes with a sterilizer box, which you can place all the parts in once you’re done using it. 
  8. It has multiple settings, so you get to choose how you fast and hard you want the suction to be. 

What am I not a fan of?  

  1. The tube connection between the actual pump and the monitor comes out the longer you pump, you have to keep your fingers on it while it’s pumping which can be difficult if you are trying to pump while busy with baby. 
  2. It’s white. Usually this isn’t an issue for me but with a baby, this means I have to constantly wipe it, whereas if there were other options of colours – darker colours, I wouldn’t need to wipe the monitor after every use. 
  3. The noise, although tolerable, I’d much prefer if the breast pump was completely silent.

I would recommend this breast pump, especially if you aren’t sure of which pump to go with. The comfort on the breast – minus the suction effects on the nipple (Obviously your girl uses the highest suction level) – make the experience of pumping easy to do, while remaining comfortable as well. 

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