The latest foldable mobile phone offering by the tech giant Samsung, is proving to be quite the formidable device in its category thus far. In this article, I will try to list all the stand-out features that I know of and try to also explain what some of them do, for those who might not be all that “Tech Savvy”.

The Screen and Body

Samsung used a thin layered glass for their screen (as opposed to the plastic used on the Motorola RAZR foldable device). Now what this means is that, naturally, the phone is more durable in that department – where Motorola’s RAZR feels like the screen could actually be peeled off by accident.

The Screen dimensions are a 6.7 Inch, Infinity Flex Display with a resolution of 2636 x 1080 at 425 PPI (Pixel Per Inch).

Samsung actually added a “cool” 1.1-inch super-amoled display, right next to the Rear-Facing cameras, that can be used to see the time, the date, notifications or even use it as a view-finder for the camera without flipping the device open.

The build quality as far as the phone’s body itself, is solid and high quality similar to that of the Galaxy S Series phones offered by Samsung.

 Under The hood

The phone packs a solid punch under the hood, with respectable specs that fall under the flagship category.

The processor is the powerful SnapDragon 855+ Octa-Core, accompanied be a solid 8GB of RAM, together with 256GB of internal storage.

Most will be happy to know that the device also supports wireless charging for the 3,300mAh non-removable battery, together with wireless powershare. This basically means that you can also charge other wireless devices such as the wireless buds, with the Z Flip.

The Camera

This beast is fitted with a great camera too, spotting the two 12MP rear facing cameras, which is basically what you will find on the Samsung Galaxy S10 or The Samsung Galaxy Note 10, in terms of quality produced. It also includes a 10MP front facing/selfie camera.

The Have-Nots

The unfortunate bummer in terms of what the device does NOT have is Stereo Speakers. The Z Flip only has a single Mono Speaker, which means you are better off suing headsets to play your music and streaming as far as media goes.

It unfortunately also does not have the newer trend In-display Fingerprint Sensor; however, it does have a capacitive touch Fingerprint Sensor on the side, similar to that on the Samsung Galaxy S10 E.


Now I will admit that at the hefty price tag of around R20 000, I personally feel that the device is lacking a few features to make it worth the purchase. However, for those who have that amount of coin to spare and are not as nitpicky as I am, this device is easily the best foldable device that money can buy on the market as things stand. it certainly has the premium “touches” that would most likely persuade you to make that purchase and it is very understandable.

I will reiterate that it leads the market in the foldable device space, in terms of quality of build. A huge plus being that it also leaves the Motorola RAZR behind, both in terms of pecs, features and overall device quality, even more so because it comes in at a cheaper price tag.

Written by: @RecluseScrooge

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