I first caught The Bold Type when the trailer popped up on my Netflix feed. I followed the life of three young women who first metatarsal work, and we follow their lives as they take risks, navigate life and grow in their careers, until the end of season 3. As time went by, the more ads I saw of the show, the more I wanted to know if there was a season 4. I was in luck, Showmax had Season 4 and 5 of The Bold Type on their catalogue, I was excited to bing on the last two seasons, but also kind of sad about the fact that the show was coming to an end.

Having met in the fashion closet on their first day at work, we are introduced to Sutton, a personal assistant who came from a small town with big dreams of becoming a stylist at Scarlett magazine. Kat, daughter of two therapists, who is also a social media expert who finds ways to bring Scarlett into the modern age, and Jane, a creative writer whose feminist beliefs help her define who she will become as a writer and as the three of them navigate their careers at Scarlett magazine, their friendship becomes a centrepiece in keeping them grounded. I was wholly jealous in some parts of this series, and in other parts thankful that I had found a show that was this relatable.

Friendship is love

I watched the show in awe of their friendship, the solid nature of how dependent they were on each other and it made me reassess the friendships that I had which went awry. It pushed me into a space of deeply introspecting my own life, my decisions and the moments that could have been handled better. It was a moment of clarity that I had somehow bypassed over the years, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was emotional, but also thankful.

I’m 33 now and the way in which I handled a lot of my friendships in my teens and 20’s, is so completely different to how I handle them now. We’re building and living our lives with people who we intend to keep around for a really long time, but the reality of life is that at any point, things can change in an instance. I’ve learnt how to establish boundaries and how to remove myself from situations that no longer serve me. I’ve had to learn because in moments where I felt the utmost betrayal, I had realised that I didn’t communicate those boundaries clearly enough.

I’ve also learnt that the older I get, the more my friendships become important to me, whereas when I was younger I wasn’t all that cut up on losing friends. Now, the people in my close circle have become so important to me that I treat them as one of the most important extensions of myself. The Bold Type showed me that my friendships now, really embody every aspect of the type of friendships I yearned for when I was younger. I am friends with people who help me grow, who are consistent in their efforts around our friendship, whose support extends to each others family and where our lives are so intertwined that our children will probably speak about them in the years to come.

I’ve found my tribe, a tribe that I want to protect with everything in me, whose love makes me radiate, whose patience keeps me sane in moments where I feel I have failed, and whose support is the very fibre of understanding and respect. These are the people who will provide you with a shoulder to cry on when you have a rough day, or hold you accountable when you mess up, who will be willing to help you in your time of need or push you because they know you’re capable of so much more. They will be there to wipe the tears from your eyes during heartbreak, or drink away the pain with you, they’ll share their darkest battles with you, and hold your hand in moment where fear grips you. They’ll challenge you to be better, and call you out when you aren’t. They’ll laugh, cry, love and grow with you. They will be the extension of you that you never want to lose.

I didn’t understand the importance of having woman friends. Now, I can’t imagine my life without my tribe.

Passion is important for work

When I was in high school, an open day introduced me to the possibility of a career in something I was passionate about. Where my creativity could still be turned into a career. I studied graphic design and multimedia at the Design School of Southern Africa in 2009. I worked in design, at multiple companies and soon the joy of what I had studied and enjoyed began to fall away. It was one of the most difficult realities that I would have to accept.

In the last year of my father’s life, I spent a lot of my personal time online, telling stories about my experiences and connecting with people in different parts of the world. I loved it. It had taken me back to when

I started working in social media officially in 2013, almost a month after I lost my Dad to cancer. It was a massive career change from what I had studied and was qualified to do. I followed my heart because that’s where my passion was. Passion drove me to a career that gave me everything I wanted to experience when I was working. I was thrown into a space I had only ever encountered in a personal capacity and began investing in myself. The goal was to learn as much about this space as I could. This career that I had a passion for, wanted to learn about and maybe turn into a career has developed so much that it has put me on platforms and in boardrooms with people I never would have been able to meet if I had remained a hermit crab.

In The Bold Type, we’re shown how Sutton is so passionate about fashion that she takes every opportunity presented to her to showcase her skillset, her passion and willingness to learn and grow eventually lands her the job she had always dreamed of doing – a fashion stylist at Scarlett magazine. Sutton’s journey was so relatable because for most of my social media career, I have had to prove myself. Not only to me, but to everyone that I engaged with about this space, to everyone who had more knowledge and experience than I did. It has been the most difficult journey, but it has also been the most rewarding. I have had many nights where self doubt and pity took over, where failure had me wanting to quit, but I am so grateful that I never gave up on myself.

I’m at the point where Jane was in Season 5, certain of her capabilities and looking for a new opportunity to grow and progress her talent. Where I’m more certain of all that I will achieve, and of the importance of having a great team to support me in that journey. I know that the next place I go to work, with also be gaining from me as much as I will be gaining from the team I work with. To date, this is the moment I have spent working towards for 8 years.

Love your life

Covid has presented an opportunity for people to reassess whether they’re working in an industry they love or not, with 41% of workers considering quitting or changing professional environments and 38% of those surveyed planning to quit in the next six months to a year in America, a Microsoft survey has found.

How an employer treats and employee is important because it affects the performance of that employee, additionally, how that employee feels about what they’re working on will dictate how much they thrive in the role they’ve been assigned.

The saying “when you love what you do it never feels like work” is a lie, it does feel like work, but it will be more fun to do. So look for work in a space that you love, so even on the hardest days, you’re still able to pick yourself up because you are aware of the best part to come from you and those around you. One thing we saw in season 4 and 5 of the Bold Type is how Sutton, Jane and Kat LOVED the work they were doing, and even when presented with a difficult situation, they would look for solutions because it would not only affect their work, but them individually.

If you haven’t seen The Bold Type, I highly recommend you do. It is one of those shows that will positively impact your life and keep you feeling motivated about the possibilities of the journey you would like to take. Content is great for learning lessons through characters. Always remember that.

You can watch Season 5 of The Bold Type on SHOWMAX: https://www.showmax.com/eng/tvseries/x93sxin9-the-bold-type

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