The reality of starting a family means that your priorities and focus change, this means that you begin to review your wants and interrogate the difference between wants and needs. It was then welcomed when Ford offered us an opportunity to test drive the 2021 Everest Sport for a week. 

At this point in my life, one thing has become really clear. The importance of the kind of car you drive does set a precedent for how people perceive you, especially when you’re attending certain events or progressing in your life and career. When I was younger I wanted to focus on property because in my mind that would be a longer-term investment than a car. I had a car that functioned well enough to get me in and around the city, a car that got me from point A to B.  

Now that I’ve become a mother, my focus is on ensuring the best quality of life for my children and the Ford Everest is right up there with the best of Sports vehicles. Becoming a mother has shifted how I interrogate and look at the things I purchase with a finer lens because what was my priority when I was living my best life, isn’t the same as what my priority is now. 

Since my husband and I are looking for different things in a vehicle, this car posed the perfect opportunity for us to define what we were looking for in a family vehicle. Since Prince is a fan of sports cars, and I’m a fan of cars that have some great safety and security features, the Ford Everest provided us with the best of those worlds. 

From what I understand no self-respecting man is ever just looking for a car to get him from point A to point B. Of course, this can be limited by budget but the desire for a statement car is always there. 

From its high driving position where you look down on the road and other cars, to the 10-speed automatic transmission, to the top-notch safety features, and the fact that it doesn’t burn through fuel the way I expected, the Ford Everest has definitely become a top runner in my mind. It’s a head-turning car that commands respect when you’re moving in it. Every moment we pulled up to a traffic light or stopped and parked at a shopping complex, heads turned. 

The version we test drove was the 2021 sports version with all the trimmings. This is not just a big sports car, this is the new standard for all sports cars in my opinion, big and fast, but also family-friendly. Comfortably taking on any hill, gravel road in front of you with an exceptionally friendly to use 4×4 mode. If you’re still unsure about how we felt about this car, let me put it this way, the 2021 Ford Everest Sport is a sports car, it looks good, and the driving experience is up there with the best of them. My husband would come home raving about how his driving experience to work and back for 5 days made his 100km a day commute an absolute pleasure.  

It’s a big car, so yes it’s got a big boot, and all the safety trimmings – the vehicle features Roll Over Mitigation (monitors the vehicle behavior brakes individual wheels and reduces the driving torque to prevent roll over and to stabilize the vehicle), SYNC 3 emergency assistance (makes automatic calls to emergency services if you’ve been involved in a serious accident, using your bluetooth connected mobile phone), has seven airbags for both front and rear passengers, lane keeping assistance (uses a camera to ensure monitoring of the vehicle in the lane), Electronic Stability Programme (vehicle technology that assists in monitoring the vehicles stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction), as well as having park assist, front and rear sensors and keyless entry into the car as well as a keyless push-to-start function. From a mommy perspective, it managed to check all my boxes and concerns including a big enough boot space that allows me to fit all of my groceries, Melo’s car seat (when it’s not locked in), her pram, a few other things and still have space in the back is quite important. You don’t realize how much boot space you need until you experience the boot space in the Ford Everest. 

From the way it handles on the road, this car comfortably seats 7 people (it has 2 additional seats in the back) with enough boot space, safety features is notably big and doesn’t go through fuel at ridiculous levels is in my opinion – worth it. 

The only major thing is the price tag – you’ll pay anything from R660k+ for it, but with all the things it comes with, the Ford Everest Sport is an absolute BEAST of a car, if it wasn’t in my top 3 options for a bigger family car – it is now. 

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