We’re often told that one needs to pick one career path and focus on it. We’re often told that there are definite ways in which one can see creativity being expressed. What we’re often not told, is that passion can be one of the most important contributing factors to young people stepping out of their 9-5s and focusing on something that may very well start off as a passion project, but soon become something a whole lot more than they expected.


As a result of my continuous need to continue pushing myself to different levels, and as a person who has taken a keen interest into getting to know the people who I’ve followed on social media for years, I decided to do something about all the great content I was being exposed to. #StartedSomethin’ is a youth platform that will highlight some of the great things that young people of colour work on when they leave their 9-5s. I would like for this platform to allow the people featured on it, and the people following it to create a bigger network of young black professionals.


Started somethin’ was born out of an idea of how my Dad would not only encourage me, but challenge me when we would watch the sun set together. Those conversations have become such a massive part of who I am, and they have defined so much of why I refuse to accept only focusing on one on my many talent’s. Apart from that, the loss I have experienced in recent months has forced me to pay more attention to what things I would like to be remembered for, and the important conversations that the people who I lost have left me with.


Today, I’d like to officially launch the #StartedSomethin’ feature young talent of the month. I welcome you to another side of black twitter, the more fun side. Today I’ve been following a young, highly intelligent, light hearted and all around positive young woman on twitter for over a year now, this young woman has started an interesting journey – one that started because of her hatred for doing the dishes, and her love for food. I have the pleasure of introducing you all to Zizipho Dingana whose foodie journey has peaked quite an interest for me. Zizipho is one of the few people whose passion for cooking has inspired me to start experimenting more in my own kitchen.


Don’t forget that I’ll be running an IG competition based on questions from my #StartedSomethin features. Don’t forget to enter and you could win some awesome prizes. Time to get to know Zizi The Foodie.





Drop me a little information about yourself. Who are you?

My full name is Tandolwethu Zizipho Dingana and my names mean “our love” and “gifts”. I was born in a small town called Mthatha in the Eastern Cape and I spent most of my life in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Yes I am Xhosa and no I don’t live up to the stereotypes you’ve probably all heard about us. Well, at least not all of them anyways. I am a bubbly, confident, opinionated and fun loving person. I currently live in Johannesburg and I work in the financial services industry. I love global economics and everything that has to do with investments. The world is changing at an exponential rate and the fourth industrial revolution is approaching us, I’ve therefore also developed an interest in technology and telecommunications. I enjoy outdoor activities (I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie), traveling, going out with my friends, shopping (mostly online – I hate malls) and boy do I love to eat and cook.



What lessons have you learnt while working in corporate?

I’ve learnt that emotional intelligence is extremely important as you face daily challenges and on some days you will want to ring your colleagues neck but you won’t be able to, instead you will be forced to stay composed and deal with the situation in a more mature manner. I’ve also learnt standing up for myself is important as people will walk all over you and misuse you if you don’t stand up for yourself or have a backbone. I’ve learnt that the next person doesn’t always have your best interests at heart and that you need to watch your back 24/7 and cover you’re a** in everything that you do. I’ve also learnt that you won’t always get an applause for a job well done. So you have to clap for yourself and motivate yourself. Be a self-starter, be confident, be willing to learn and take every opportunity you’re given. They’re always watching!



What’s your favourite way to destress?

I enjoy watching Being Mary Jane (or any other chick series) while I’m cooking and having a glass of wine, taking long baths while having wine, reading a book while having wine and sometimes going to the gym. Sometimes.



What’s your after hours “job”?

Late last year I started cooking for some family and friends during the week and mostly over the weekends. This year I would like to do it more frequently and also look into having a stall at one or two weekend markets.




How did you get into being a Foodie?

I won’t give you a sweet story about where my love for food and cooking came from. My love for food came from the fact that I hated washing dishes growing up so I would always opt to cook. When I realized I was actually good at it and it was becoming easier and easier to use my instincts, I decided to play around a little more in the kitchen. Playing around also meant going out and trying new food and restaurants. I would then challenge myself and try make what I had. And that’s how I become a foodie.



What’s the one thing you would tell anybody who wants to turn their hobby into a job?

Firstly I’d tell them to be sure about it and make sure they are fully committed to turning their hobby into a job. Secondly I’d tell them to be patient as nothing comes easily and they will have to work towards their dream. Lastly I’d tell them to enjoy themselves and to keep pushing themselves to new heights.


If people want to follow you, where can they find you?

My Blog: zizithefoodieblog

Twitter: @ZiziTheFoodie

Instagram: @Zizipho_ZA

Email: zizithefoodie@yahoo.com


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Let me know if there are any people you would love for me to interview in the comments! Let’s learn, build and grow together. Happy Tuesday!


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