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Heart reset

I’ve always heard stories about women meeting men on vacation and having the most life altering sex or falling in love on vacation. I never understood it, I…

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The awakening

Have you ever experienced a heartbreak so devastating that it taught you how to emotionally disconnect from people? A heartbreak so life altering that it forced you into…

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Plot the place with Motherland Connect: Polokwane

Polokwane, formely known as Pietersburg, Polokwane – which means “Place of safety” in Northern Sotho. In the 1840’s under Andries Potgieters leadership Zoutpansbergdorpwas established 100km’s to the northwest. This…

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Healing: A spark of rediscovery.

It’s only been 13 days since I got back to reality, and it’s been interesting to say the least. I’ve literally spent this year trying not to die…

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