I am a designer with having worked for over 8 years in the design industry, 5 years in all things social media – from strategy to community management, and 4 years copywriting experience. I have worked at multiple advertising agencies including Rural Brands, Mirum Johannesburg and Brand Activation (Ogilvy Johannesburg) with a portfolio that combines many different styles of design and social media strategies and accounts; from working with MTV Base Africa to working with Sasol and McDonalds South Africa. I am also a blogger in my own right and have articles published on various local and international platforms such as Huffington Post, Thought Catalog and Madison Jaye, as well as a current brand ambassador for GM Motors with a special focus on Chevrolet South Africa. Amongst other things, I am additionally a local influencer in my own right.


Simplicity is key. Branding is essential. What your branding says about your business is of extreme importance. I’m here to help you understand why certain designs are design in a specific way – let your brand speak volumes for you.


There is no greater pleasure than speaking words that trigger an emotional reaction from your readers. Writing is a form of self-expression and allows insight into the multiple ways in which my mind and heart work. It is also the best way for me to understand and dissect what people think and how they view the world. A world where people expose their innermost thoughts in spaces where they think nobody is really “listening”; a space where progress and mutual understanding could reign supreme if communication was clear cut and direct enough, whilst leaving no room for misinterpretation. Writing is combining words to evoke a reaction or plant a thought in someone’s mind, and there are very few people who manage to do both in a manner that allows people to feel free with engaging with them. Allow me to speak for you.


Some people are more comfortable being behind the lens; there is something so beautiful about the way in which humans and the world seem to co-exist. Capturing moments is often the greatest view into triggering vivid memories and capturing moments that may only have existed in that moment. Photography is a way of story telling without losing that moment.

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