Social media across the world has taken on a more informative role than it did before. What was once considered a fun and light hearted space in 2012, is no longer considered that in 2017. The people who you engage with on any social media platform have found new ways of creating spaces that appeal to them and we see this with the amount of segmentation that takes place on Twitter daily. The irony with this is that, in all the changes that we have witnessed people go through – many have managed to become the best content producers of their
segment and age group.


Young people have found themselves in a space where the world has found ways to take our creativity and capitalize on it, there are so many corporates jumping onto so many black youth creative ideas that it’s kind of crazy that those same creatives are often broke themselves. We are often so caught up in reducing the light hearted work done by young black creatives because to us… we have been programmed to believe that young black kids must exist in spaces where everything they consume is heavy content, because the world reminds us constantly that we have never truly been valued and thus we have to work double, maybe even triple times to prove that we are worth what we KNOW we are. We are constantly told to take ourselves a lot more seriously because we have to do better than our parents and we have to remain focused, millennial are unfortunately under an insane amount of pressure and sometimes we also just need a good laugh over nothing really, because those are also moments of self love.



Today I read a terribly scripted article about a YouTube web series dubbed “Microwave Boys“. The article’s writer claimed that the piece was written from an unbiased and constructive point of view, however, the more I read the article the more questions popped up in my mind. If the article at hand was a constructive criticism piece then why did the writer use content that is not relevant to the issue at hand i.e. What does Larry’s Running with the Reps career have to do with anything? What is the insane need to state that something is constructive yet you offer no valuable solutions to the very thing you are criticizing? How must the Microwave Boys better their content if the only manner in which you could criticize left much to be desired? A whole self drag is what you managed to get right. There is a strategy to everything and there strategy seems to be working. Why? The content is relatable to the target market – the people who engage in these topics daily on any social media platform.



Here’s what I’ve noted about “Microwave Boys”:

  1. They are a group of young men who understand that there is a need for light hearted      conversations in digital spaces;
  2. They have managed to use content that everyone talks about daily and found ways to capitalize on their opinions which is exactly what we need – given the racial context of our country and the kind of content being produced for black people at large; and
  3. They understand their target market on a level that has made their audience loyal supporters of their movement.The truth is, the boys and their unfiltered opinions are the very reason why people watch the show, people enjoy content like  this – and the millions of magazine sales and product purchases that have given financial value to people who are “talentless” has exceeded what
    most people thought.What we are dealing with is the rise of urban culture, for black people by black people and that on its own holds more merit than a piece of dislike distributed as a means of making someone relevant. Had it not been for these men, would people have even bothered to read your piece? If it were not for these men, what would you have written about?You can by all means hate the boys, but for every person that hates them, there are hundreds more who love them, their show and the content they produce.

    The Microwave Boys are what Trending SA has sought to be for ages, they have perfected capturing the cultural desire for content by relatable people just like them – people who can be serious but don’t always want to be serious, and who understand the necessity of laughter.


Here are a few pointers for your next article:

  1. Stop and assess that what you are saying really holds some weight, you may disagree with the structure or even the content but then state why it bothers you;
  2. If you don’t enjoy something, there’s no need to actually give it your attention, we are human beings and it’s in our nature to be inquisitive, but we still have the ability to decide whats worth our energy and what isn’t;
  3. Insulting the viewers of the show – the reactions on your TL are a tad bit scary – take into account that in your stating that the show does nothing for you – and I assume that’s due to the fact that you believe yourself to be an intellectual, that by doing so – you are thus implying that the people who watch and engage in the content aren’t on your wavelength, when in fact a vast majority of those viewers are incredibly enlightened;
  4. And lastly, you aren’t the target market for the show and that to is okay.

So here is my opinion, the next time you want to pen a piece of constructive criticism, stop and ask yourself … are you really contributing to the culture or are you just hating on the culture because you didn’t think of the idea and build the audience first?

Sometimes what we deem a mess is part of a strategy – organized mess is a thing, read up on it.


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You can also check out the Microwave Boys on their YouTube channel

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