For the latter part of 2017, I’ve gone through so many changes that forced me to focus on my businesses. I struggled for the first half of the year simply because I was reliant on other people o push me into making what I wanted to become a priority and reality to them as well. I quickly realized that one cannot expect people to prioritize the things that are important to you without you sacrificing aspects of your sanity when you follow up. I then made a decision that whatever I do, I will rely on the people who have constantly shown me that their primary focus is becoming a success on their own.


As I began to think on all the things I have had to remove from my space in order for me to focus, I began understnding how important a support system is in ensuring that you don’t fall off track. I have for the most part of the last 3 years pushed myself and managed to turn so many of my hobbies into additional skills that have helped me. A lot of my skills started out as hobbies, things that I only focused on because they kept me sane and so I began paying more attention to all the spaces I was finding myself in and the people I was engaging with; and I realized just how many people young people were turning their passions into businesses.


Thus, I found myself beginning to investigate what people were doing with their time whenever they would leave their 9-5, and thus started something became a thing.


The intention with #StartedSomethin is to provide young black South Africans a space to market their business (the business that was started from their hobby), and to provide us with the space to support each others businesses.


#StartedSomethin will also focus and highlight some of the people who inspired me and pushed me to greatness, once a month I will be running competitions that will be focused around the #StartedSomethin person of the month, the competitions will be native to my IG page (Winners will be announced on my Twitter and IG pages) – this will be a feature piece and the answers will be hidden in either mine, the @getblacksa social pages or on the profile of the person that was featured.



Explaining the logo:

For those who have been consistently following me for years, you will know that I lost my Dad to lung cancer on Heritage Day of 2013. To this day, so many of the things we did together are what I go to when I need to maintain my sanity. I look so much like my mother but my personality, is so similar to my Dad’s.


That being said, my love of the outdoors, my love for sunrises and sunsets were nurtured by him, but for me it was symbolic of how much of his hustle he did after the sun set.


#StartedSomethin’ is a way to commemorate his spirit of giving – whether it was helping someone after hours or nurturing me by teaching me things during those late nights – to how that built me as a person.


In the next couple of months there are a number of things that will be happening on my TL, so please be on the look out.


Some details:

  1. Competitions will be announced on Twitter and redirected to Instagram.
  2. You have to be following @LeratoMannya on IG.
  3. Competitions will be posted on the first Monday of every month and winners announced on the 16th of every month, prizes will be dispatched on the 30th of every month.
  4. The #StartedSomethin’ person of the month features will be posted on the first Friday of every month on my IG page


Let’s build. Welcome to 2018.

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